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Supervision for Individuals

The BACP states:

"Supervision is essential to how practitioners sustain good practice throughout their working life. Supervision provides practitioners with regular and ongoing opportunities to reflect in depth about all aspects of their practice in order to work as effectively, safely and ethically as possible. Supervision also sustains the personal resourcefulness required to undertake the work."

I am down to earth, I have a good sense of humour and I will mostly work collaboratively with you

Contact me and let's see if we are a good fit and then discuss your supervision requirements: 1 hour, 1.5 hrs or 2 hrs per month?

We will work together on the following basis — our rights and responsibilities:

Supervisor Rights

  1. To bring concerns/issues about Supervisee's work.
  2. To question Supervisee about his/her work and workload.
  3. To give Supervisee constructive feedback on his/her work performance.
  4. To observe Supervisee's practice and to initiate supportive / corrective action as required.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. To uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards.
  2. To make sure supervision sessions happen as agreed and to keep a record of the meeting.
  3. To create a supervision file containing supervision records and other documents relating to development and training.
  4. To ensure that Supervisee is clear about his/her role and responsibilities.
  5. To note the supervision session and to store their copy in the supervision file.
  6. To monitor Supervisee's performance.
  7. To set standards and assess the Supervisee against these.
  8. To know what Supervisee is doing and how it is being done.
  9. To deal with problems as they impact on the Supervisee's performance.
  10. To support supervisee and the agreed personal development plan.

Supervisee Rights

  1. To uninterrupted time in a private venue or online/phone call.
  2. To Supervisor's attention, ideas and guidance.
  3. To receive feedback.
  4. To set part of the agenda.
  5. To ask questions.
  6. To expect Supervisor to carry out agreed action or provide an appropriate explanation, within an agreed time frame.
  7. To have his/her development/training needs met.
  8. To challenge ideas and guidance in a constructive way.

Supervisee Responsibilities

  1. To uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards;
  2. To be prepared to discuss client cases with the aid of written case notes;
  3. To validate interventions, approaches and techniques used;
  4. To be open to change and use alternate methods of practice if required;
  5. To consult supervisor or designated contact person in cases of emergency;
  6. Implement supervisor directives in subsequent sessions; and
  7. Maintain a commitment to on-going education and the relevant profession.

Procedural considerations to be aware of:

  • Supervisee's written cases notes may be reviewed in each session;
  • Issues relating to supervisee's professional development will be discussed;

Finally, talking finances and insurance

  • Please note, supervision has to be paid when booked, in advance, to confirm the next supervision.
  • Malpractice/ liability insurance will be arranged by supervisee and a copy needs to be provided to the supervisor.

To ask any questions or to discuss your requirements please ring or email and say whether you require individual or group (or both) supervision and the amount of time you require on a monthly basis.

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