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Single Session Therapy (SST)

What is Single Session Therapy?

Single Session Therapy (SST) is for anyone who has one specific issue, dilemma or goal that they might be time sensitive about - not useful for addictions, abuse or trauma.

This extended session, lasting up to 100 minutes, focuses on what the problem or goal is and what needs to be done to solve or achieve it - sound useful?

SST is most useful if you are feeling stuck or just needing some support to take those first, tentative steps to whatever you want. Our session will help identify all the realistic, achievable steps needed to assist with attaining the target.

How is this done?

By focusing on one issue so we can then look at what is needed to get there. We will explore the potential solutions and then pick one. Once we know where we are going, we create an action plan / road map of how to get there. This might include thinking about what to say and practising it and / or role play.

You will get time to explore and define the issue or goal and how this impacts on you now, in a safe space.

Hopefully, if you want to - there will also be time to reflect on what it will be like once you achieve your goal.

The aim of SST is to complete this piece of work, on this issue, in our one-off, extended session. This doesn't mean you can't come back to work on other issues in the more traditional, weekly sessions - you'd be welcome.

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