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Rewind Trauma Therapy

The Rewind Trauma Technique is an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, anxiety, depression and addictions including substance abuse — these problems can often originate from a trauma.

The Rewind Technique

What is a trauma — it's any event that had a serious emotional or physical impact on you and can result in flashbacks — this means the person is reliving, in moments, the event that created the trauma — awful, reliving the terror, pain, helplessness and this can happen out of the blue — when there is a sudden, unexpected noise or on an hourly or daily basis.

Some people will use distraction to mask their feelings and others will rely on addiction options such as alcohol, drugs and even risky sex as a panacea or refuge from their traumatised feelings.

The Rewind Trauma Technique goes against the medical tradition of making clients relive their trauma, again and again and instead, when clients are fully relaxed, they are encouraged to bring their anxiety to the surface (once per Rewind session) and then they are calmed down again, by being guided to recall or imagine a place where they feel totally safe and at ease.

The Rewind Trauma Technique allows the brain to hear / see the triggers and not react to them. To remember, but not relive the events.

The client doesn't have to put the trauma into words and the counsellor doesn't need to know all the details of the traumatic memory (unless the Rewind Trauma Technique is being used as part of ongoing counselling therapy).

As a stand-alone piece of work, the Rewind Technique is done over three sessions — the first therapeutic session, which is done face to face and two subsequent check ins / refreshers, which can be done via zoom or telephone, if that's more convenient for you.

The Rewind Trauma Technique can be part of a counselling programme of work or a stand-alone piece of work — discuss your requirements and we'll look at all the options when you make an enquiry or wish to book this service.