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Counselling: Relationships \ Couples, Adults, Young People \ Teens, EAPs and for local businesses

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2006 to 2024 - 18 years in private practice, Thank You

Workforce Support (EAP)

“Poor mental health is poor business: it's just a fact” - Dame Carol Black, the National Director for Work and Health

The ever growing demands on our time, pocket etc can have a really negative impact over time on our mental health and options chosen to deal with any problems can have a huge impact on your business through short and long term sick leave, poor timekeeping, difficulty concentrating or even deteriorating interpersonal skills such as poor anger management.

Proactive and positive employers provide a supportive and healthy working environment and there is an excellent business case for doing so.

Offering your staff an option of telephone or face to face counselling at the workplace or at their home or a neutral environment is a great first step to improving any situation.

Whether the issue arises from drug or alcohol problems, relationship difficulties or breakdowns, emotional stress, anxiety and / or depression – having a friendly face and a non judgemental ear can have a beneficial impact that can significantly reduce the amount of time needed off work.

The benefits of having a happy workforce are boosted performance, staff retention, a demonstrable commitment to your employees’ welfare and significant cost savings as well as a healthier and happier work environment.

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