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Supervision for trainees, counsellors, other professions and groups

Counselling: Relationships \ Couples, Adults, Young People \ Teens, EAPs and for local businesses

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2006 to 2024 - 18 years in private practice, Thank You


It costs just £25 for you to email me and receive a personal reply.

What is email counselling? Basically, we are counselling by email. Some find this a useful way of reflecting on their issues and it can be more convenient that trying to fit in a face to face or telephone appointment. It works well for most issues but addictions are probably one of the subjects it can be less useful for.

When your email is expected (when we have agreed a start date) you will receive a response to your email within twelve hours, if sent between 8.00am and 12 noon (or next day depending on what time you sent it).

Your email should not be more than two A4 sheets of type at 12 typesetting – it can be briefer. Anything more than two pages will not be addressed in the responding email.

Ideally, to aid confidentiality, the issues bringing you to email counselling (the things you wish to discuss) will be sent in a password protected document as an attachment.

My reply will be password protected as an attachment. The password will be sent in a separate email, as I hope you will send to me.

To learn how to password protect a Microsoft® Word document, click the link below (opens in a new window).
How to Password Protect a Microsoft® Word document or google search the following: How to Password Protect a Microsoft® Word document

To start email counselling – you have to request it – you can do this via this website. Then an indication of how often you think you would like to do this and when you would like to start (it’s ok to say you’d like to try one email before committing or you’d like to be ad hoc).

I will let you know when this is convenient and send you a counselling agreement.

It can be useful, before we start, to have a brief outline of what it is regarding and how long it has been going on / been a problem or how long ago it happened. Also, have you tried to resolve it and did any part of what you did work out?

I would expect this to be brief no more than half an A4 sheet.

Once payment has been received via PayPal or Bacs (email me to let me know when you pay by Bacs), we can begin.

Please note, things can and do go wrong, I will be happy to resend any email and will send you an email to confirm receipt of your counselling email and ask you to let me know you have received my response to your counselling email.

If I do not hear from you within 24 hours of sending my email, I will email again asking if you have received it but if I still do not get a response, I will assume you have received it and are wishing to pause or ceasing counselling at this time.

Email counselling is available Monday to Saturday

Finally, to remind you there is no 100% guarantee for Internet security.

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