1 to 1 Counselling

Supervision, Counselling Individuals, Couples, Young People, Secondary Schools, EAPs and Local Businesses

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2006 to 2022 - 16 years in private practice, Thank You

Young People Counselling

Counselling young people can enable them to develop a positive attitude to life by recognising their strengths and being able to express themselves.

It does NOT involve telling them what to do, making decisions for them, preaching or explaining what they need to do to meet other’s expectations of them.

Young people issues are still love, jealousy, and loss but may also include:

  • family and step-family relationships
  • bullying – in or outside school
  • emotional problems
  • behavioural problems
  • literacy and numeracy problems

The aim of counselling is the same for everyone, to help the individual to cope with their feelings and emotions.

How is this done?

Firstly, by creating a safe place to talk, somewhere private, quiet and free from interruptions.

Secondly, the young person gets the time to talk about the things they want to.

Thirdly, sessions are private and the contents are not passed on to parents / carers etc BUT it is explained, before counselling starts, that confidentially is not maintained if a safe guarding issue arises and they or someone they know is at risk of serious harm.

The young person is free to pass on as much as they want to about the session but it is often most beneficial when they are allowed the freedom to say little or nothing until they are ready.

The actual counselling may include working in metaphor though stones, art, drama, play, talking or a mix of all of these depending on what the person feels most comfortable with on the day.

Sessions offered are for 30 minutes at a time initially. Longer session slots are available with the agreement of the client, counsellor and parent/carer.

The Initial Session must be paid within 24 hours of booking the session to confirm it.

Appointments are usually day time but a limited number of teatime or evening sessions may be available.

Please note: counselling is carried out up a flight of stairs in a dedicated counselling room BUT there is no waiting room so anyone accompanying the young person would be expected to wait outside whilst the sessions take place.

Please note: cancelling an agreed session requires a minimum of 48 hours notice or full session fees will be charged.