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2006 to 2019 - 13 years in private practice, Thank You

Telephone / Skype / Webcam Chat

If you wish to use Skype or Webcam Chat, please contact me to discuss this first.

For relationship \ couple telephone counselling, this works best if you each have a handset or if you can both sit near the speaker phone.

We can chat on the telephone, at mutually agreed times, for between 50 minutes and one hour and this can take place on a mutually agreed basis which may be one-off, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly - for more information, please read the Telephone Counselling agreement..

I offer you an initial counselling session, during which we will discuss confidentiality and the counselling agreement. After this we will discuss the issue(s) that prompted your interest. After approximately 25 - 30 minutes, 'the trial period', I will ask if you wish to continue. If you do not, then no charge and no obligation. If you continue, the full session fee will be charged.

If we agree to continue then the fee will be at the full rate per session or a discount will be given for a multiple booking of six sessions (after the initial session), when paid for in advance.

Telephone counselling is available day or evening Monday to Friday (some weekends available)

Please see the Discounts and Order pages for details of prices.

Please note: cancelling an agreed session requires a minimum of 48 hours notice or full session fees will be charged.

Finally, to remind you there is no 100% guarantee for telephone security.

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